When things appear distorted

When things appear distorted

We can have fun with the way things appear.  Fun house mirrors that make us stretch and squish, snap chat, even the warp of a silver spoon will make my kids laugh at their reflection. But what if we don’t realize what we see is a warped perception of reality?

I’ve been thinking about perspective lately. I remember learning as a kid how people used to think that the earth was the center of the galaxy and all the other planets revolved around it.  Just how wrong they were! I have a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea of just how huge the known galaxies really are. Just consider the fact that when you talk about the universe, you have to use the measurement of a light-year.  That references a distance when you travel at the speed of light for the minutes, the hours and the days that make up a year!  I recently watched as Louie Giglio explained just how massive the known universe is and how it helps us understand how huge God is.   It’s a message from his “How Great is Our God” tour and available on DVD.  Every time I watch it, I am blown away — again!

So many times when Jesus talked with his disciples, he was challenging the way they thought about things.  He was challenging them to shift their focus so a distorted picture became clear.  One of my favorite parts of the Bible talks about how God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways are higher than our ways.(Isaiah 55:9)  It’s one of the verses that come to my mind when I’m in a situation that I don’t understand.

I want to see God’s perspective, I want to know what He is up to.  So, I have been asking God to shown me His perspective, to help me to see things through His eyes.   How else will I know if my vision is distorted until I see a picture the way God does?

My vision is changing.   I found myself sitting in chair at the salon, my haircut being completely botched by a new hairdresser.  Instead of panic, I found myself asking God what He would have me do in the situation and choosing to extend grace, seeing the salvaged cut as an opportunity to try something bold and new, where I might never have had the courage before.  Being awake at 2 am as a side effect of medication, became an opportunity to work with minimal disruptions on a personal project for hours 🙂  A child’s angry outburst, became an opportunity to talk about admitting being wrong, apologizing and asking God to help us do what we can’t do ourselves.

These are things I saw from God’s perspective instead of just my own.  What will you see?


  1. Beverly Laird
    Feb 23, 2017

    Great Post Keep Going. Perspective gives us understanding. The better we understand God’s ways, the more we love him : ) Reveal your ways, not only your deeds to us O Lord ! Psalm 103:7

  2. Debbie Lutz
    Feb 22, 2017

    Really good reminder of perspective!

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