What trusting God looks like

What trusting God looks like

Strong Enough to Stand On


I’ve heard people talk about “faith” and “trusting God” as though you are walking off a cliff and willing yourself to stand in thin air without falling.  As though it is a vain attempt at the impossible, exemplified in Wiley Coyote’s wild chase of the road runner resulting in a mid air pause before plumitting to the ground in a heap.   In all honestly when you find yourself in a difficult circumstance and you think about trying to do what seems to be the right thing, it can feel like you are attempting a vain, impossible feat.

I had a time in my life when I was choosing to try to trust God’s plan for my life even when I couldn’t see how His plan was going to unfold.

At that point I was in a holding pattern doing that last thing He had shown me to do while waiting for instructions on my next step.  During this time conversations would bring up my current situation and I would tell me story…. at least the beginning of it and how I was currently waiting for God to show me what was next.  Some people politely nodded, even though I’m pretty sure they thought I was crazy.  Some people admired my courage and told me what great “faith” I had.   The truth, though, is that it wasn’t my faith that was strong.  I had simple walked out onto a bridge and found it strong enough to stand on. 

God doesn’t tell us to walk out into thin air and believe hard enough we won’t fall.  He tells us who He is, what He has done for us and invites us out into a chasm…not onto thin air, but to walk on Himself as our bridge  and trust that He is strong enough to hold us.  Trust that He has a plan and purpose for us that is good.  Trust that He knows the other side of the bridge even if we don’t.  Faith is simply taking that first step off the place we are standing –onto Him.


This is a place I recently visited.  It was an old railroad bridge torn down by a tornado and rebuilt to  be a lookout.  In the middle of the walkway the old rails are still in place with a nice gap between each wooden railroad tie.  While there was probably fifty people in front of me walking in the middle of those tracks, I still had a churning in my stomach as I gingerly placed my weight on those wooden beams.  But as I continued to walk along, my fear eased and I realized I was secure.


Faith is scary, but once you’ve taken that first step and you spend time standing on God as your bridge, you’ll find the tension eases and your peace increases as you realize just how strong and capable God is.  As I said, it wasn’t my faith that was so strong, I had just realized how big and capable God is.  It seemed crazy NOT to trust Him and His plan.

That particular bridge was about a guy…..you know “Mr. Right”, but there have been plenty more since.  The encouraging thing is that each bridge I cross trusting God is who He says He is, the less fear and more hope I have for the next one.  

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