The Dreaded Stink

The Dreaded Stink

It has happened to you.  You’ve been there playing with a cute kid when suddenly out of nowhere the smell hits you… it’s the dreaded stink.  Maybe you are the lucky one — the child belongs to someone else and they hold the responsibility of changing that massive deposit.  Either way there is no mistaking where the stink is coming from!  The most comical part, though, is when you question the producer of the said deposit and listen to their response.   Some will vehemently deny any deposit and outright protest the attempt to change them.  No matter how fiercely they deny it, the stink is evident to everyone else around them.

While comical with a toddler, this situation is less so with grown adults.  The stink has changed by this age, but the one that replaces it still repulses those around us.  It is the stink of pride.  The person in question will protest it’s existence and refuse to have it taken away, but those around them will still be put off by the stank stench it wafts into the air.  Pride is superior and finds it’s position by making someone or something else inferior.  It draws the attention to itself and is blind to what else is around it.   Maybe you recognize this kind of pride by it’s other name – arrogance.  No matter what you call it, plain and simple — it stinks!

Even though the producer is emitting strong odors, the source of this prideful odor is actually a chasm.  It is a gaping hole void of true worth that is to blame.   When we finally understand just how much God values the way he has intricately created each one of us and we experience his overwhelming love personally, we filled with HIS aroma that leaks out to those around us.  And believe me it smells soooo much better!

So maybe my analogy fails….a stinky diaper isn’t the same as a stinky attitude.  But hopefully the thought sticks with you.  Pride stinks when you are around it, but oddly enough the producer seems to miss it’s smell.   So the next time you get a waft of the stink or maybe even you recognize the signs to see that you might be the producer, ask God to replace our values for His so we can all breathe a little easier 🙂


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