Room to Bloom

Room to Bloom


Bright sunshine, fresh air and blooming flowers are the perfect combination for happiness.  I took advantage of both my kids napping at the same time (yay!) to enjoy some time outside.  It had turned into a beautiful day and I’ve discovered I love having reasons to stay outside for a while.  One of them happens to be pulling weeds!  It has only been recently that I realized this is something I like to do…. to me it’s like organizing plants and I do love to organize.   It seemed overwhelming at first — the weeds had quite the head start, but once I got down in the dirt I was enjoying myself immensely.

It’s my love for flowers that motivates me to pull weeds.

Apparently I’m a little anxious for Spring because most of my flowers are early bloomers.  I can’t help it.  I see the green contrast the pretty colors and I just get happy!  Probably the motivation to pull those growing weeds came from seeing those blooms starting to emerge.  As I sat there digging out the long roots of yet another dandelion weed, I realized there are other roots that need to be dug out.


These ones aren’t in the dirt, but in my heart.   It is the roots that are growing frustration and irritability that bloom around the people I love most.  It’s the thin spidery legs of fear of failing that hold me back from doing something courageous.  And they will choke out the flowers of good things if I ignore them any longer.

Lots of people talk about having morning “devotions”, a “quiet time”, or say they pray every day.  This is the perfect time to sit and talk with God, like we do our best friends.  Having that time allows us to ask God what is growing in our hearts.  Not only does He already know what is there, even better than that — He understands it.  Weeds will continue to grown back unless it is pulled out from the root.  Trying to stop the weeds in our lives is temporary, unless God does His work in our hearts to pull them out at the roots 

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