Producing Seeds – The harvest of God’s work in our hearts

Producing Seeds – The harvest of God’s work in our hearts

Kids say the darndest things, don’t they?  From comical expressions they’ve picked up from people around them to the words they use to coach their sibling, I delight in hearing what comes out of my kids mouths…. well, most of the time that is!   Each of my kids are certainly their own uniquely formed person, but there are many times I see reflections of my own words and actions in them.  If you want to judge your own character, watch your child mimicking it and see what you think 😉

We are now in spring and I see God giving me illustrations of this concept as I make plans for my garden.  For many years I thought being a follower of Jesus Christ meant that I needed to refrain from doing “bad” things.  Jesus had died on the cross as the punish for all the things I had done wrong and in gratitude for what He had done and just how much it had cost Him, I should try my best to refrain from doing any more.   That is all true, but it is only part of God’s plan for us what we accept what Jesus did in our place.  To use my garden analogy, refraining from doing wrong things means that I am only avoiding planting weeds in my garden.   But as I make plans for my garden, removing the weeds is only a preparation.  My time and attention are on what good things I am planting and growing in my garden.

Day by day, year by year, God is teaching me to plant His love and truth in the garden of my heart.   What is in my heart is the source of my actions, my words, my priorities and ultimately what I do with my time on this earth.  It certainly has benefits for me, but you know what is amazing about the things God creates?  He makes them”seeding-bearing”(Genesis 1).  Plants, trees, animals and even people.  He made us capable of producing seeds.  When God helps us plant His love and truth in the gardens of our own hearts, He also gives us the ability to produce “seeds” from those plants to scatter and plant around us.

So when someone close to us is discouraged, we have the ability to plant the seed of knowing who’s evaluation report we need to listen to. When we come across someone who is feeling alone, we can share why they can know just how significantly they are valued and loved.   When we encounter someone who wonders what life is really all about, we can share what has lovingly been done for them that they be oblivious to.

When my time on the earth is done, and I see God face to face, I long to hear the words my son recently echoed back to me –“I am so PROUD of you” And you know what?  Nothing is quite like a garden in full bloom.


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  1. Sue
    Apr 19, 2017

    Thank you so much for sharing this in our group today! I long to hear those words, ” i am proud of you.”…. and I pray I am living a life worthy of praising Him!

    Your sis, Sue

  2. Debbie Lutz
    Apr 12, 2017

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