I think I missed my turn…

I think I missed my turn…

No one likes to wait. From a young child who needs help to an adult waiting in the checkout line, it’s hard to wait. So, why do we have to?

I had a childhood friend and I still remembering my parents getting directions the first time they took me to her house. You see, she lived in a developement that was known for its twisting, weaving, intersecting streets. The street she lived on crossed the main road at the beginning, but then did a long loop around the whole developement before it crossed the main road a second time. The instructions were clear: the first time you see my road, don’t turn. Wait, go further down the road and turn onto it the second time you see it. Her house was at the far end of the loop and after the specific instructions it was easy to find.

Years later, I found myself frustrated and discouraged at a lost opportunity. I was actually on the top desk of a cruise ship, soaking in the sun, on my way home from a fun vacation with my cousin.  It was happening at home that I was upset about. I was in the midst of a very long wait and it seemed like I was missing an opportunity to “move things along” so to speak. On that sunny desk out there in the middle of the ocean, I poured my heart out to God and asked Him what He was doing. His words were a balm to my ache I felt.

The right thing at the wrong time isn’t as good and it takes longer.

The picture that came to my mind was a map of the directions to my friend’s house. The seemingly “missed” opportunity was just the first time I would see the road I was looking for, but instead of turning on it, I needed to drive further down the road.

I’d love to say as soon as I got home a second opportunity was waiting for me, but it wasn’t. In reality it would be another 8 months until God showed me “the right thing at the right time”. And I will tell you, it was well worth the wait 🙂

Maybe you are still in the midst of a wait and maybe you’re wondering if you’ve missed the turn to get where you want to go. God knows where He is taking you. You can trust He knows that best way to get there. Just keeping asking for His directions and He will get you there in His perfect timing.

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