Hoarding the good stuff

Hoarding the good stuff

There is something so unique about having children.  It changes you.  It changes how you do things.  It even changes how you see yourself.

Being a sentimental person, I have quite a few boxes stashed in my attic of things from my childhood.  As my kids are becoming little people it has been fun to go through and pull out things for them to enjoy.  My childhood friend and I used to have so much fun making up our own versions of things in real life.  Drycleaners, grocery stores, restaurants, banks… I can’t even list all the things we would do.  We get out construction paper and little baskets, find things around our houses and make it as real as possible.  Hours and hours we would play.

In my digging I happened upon some of our supplies.  I remember how excited I was to get those fun little receipt pads.  They even had a little carbon paper strip to make duplicates!  Okay… I’m starting to feel old! Let me get to the point.  I realized just how many of those little pads of paper were still sitting there – unused.  

I had wanted to savor those fun tools, but looking back 20 years later I think I missed out on some joy.  Joy I would have had using those things 20 years ago.  Our lives on this earth are temporary.  All of the “things” around us are temporary too.  Not if… but when we die we don’t take “things” with us.

God has a surprising interest not on our INDEPENDANCE from Him, but our DEPENDANCE on him.  There was a time in history when God led the Israelites around dessert for many years and the way He provided food was a daily supply of Manna that appeared each morning.  Each day it appeared on the ground with the dew.  If they tried to store it, it would rot and fill with maggots.  God used their food as a tool to teach them.  He wanted them to learn to trust His provision and timing.

This causes me to pause and consider what “things” I hoard currently.  Money is one that comes to mind.  It is easy to equate numbers in a bank account to comfort and security for our futures, but isn’t money also a tool that God wants to use to change our hearts and make a difference in the lives of people around us?

Everyone seems to be talking about money these days: How to get out of debt, how to spend wisely, how to make your money grow, How to earn extra income.  These are all good things.  I am simply reminded that the money that comes through our hands is a tool that God uses.  It just one thread that He wants to weave in the intricate design of our life story.  The same story where He wants us to love Him with everything we are and then to love other people in the unconditional and all consuming way we want to be loved.

I don’t want to look back in another 20 years and see “money” as a pile of thread sitting in a box and missing from the tapestry of my life story.

Let’s just agree that while we are spending that personal quiet time with God, we ask for His guidance on what we do with the money in our hands so we have the most joy now and the greatest ETERNAL returns!


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  1. Sue
    Feb 22, 2017

    Great insight about money, as a pile of thread.
    Thank you for sharing at #CM&M on FB.
    Your sis, Sue

  2. Debbie Lutz
    Feb 15, 2017

    Great illustration! It’s so easy to make our bank account our security, but our only security is God.

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