His loss… my gain

His loss… my gain

It was a busy morning.  I was taking care of my toddler and trying to accomplish normal morning tasks around my very pregnant belly… not so easy!  I finally accomplished enough to be able to head out on my next errand and was thinking ahead to managing not just one child but two.  All was going well, but after dropping some items in the passenger seat I glanced back to see my toddler at the back of the vehicle, one step off the curb and about 3 steps from our very busy road.

Heart in my throat I moved faster than I knew I could waddle and snatched him up in my arms.  Flashes of what could have happened, clouding my vision.  What was I thinking?  How could I let that possibility come as close as it did?  How could I bear to continuing living if my child was killed?

He was safe in my arms and a little perturbed at why I was holding him so tight, squeezing him with my eyes still closed.  Calmly I spoke to him and resolved to find a new technique for getting into the vehicle.

But once we were safely buckled in, I could help think of someone else who lost a son…. but that had been deliberate.  On PURPOSE, you mean?  Who would do such a thing?  What could they be thinking?

This person was thinking of YOU, they were thinking of ME and were willing to do the unthinkable to be able to scope us up into their arms and rescue us from a danger we don’t even realize we are walking towards.

I am talking about God, who describes himself as our Heavenly Father.  He allowed his son, Jesus, to take our consequence for living life like it is all about us… the consequence is a physical death.  We see it every day and no person in this world can escape it.  When Jesus took our place, it meant we could take his place… in heaven with God for all eternity.  All we have to do is ask.

Never thought about it that way?  Maybe because we, like my precious son, don’t realize all that is happening around us and just what we are walking towards.

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