Hearing God’s Voice – Part 5

Hearing God’s Voice – Part 5

Evaluation Report: Who’s Giving it?

Reviews seem to be everything these days.  From my receipt after my last shopping trip to the pop up when I finished filing my taxes , everyone wants to know how they are doing.  We as people want, no need, feedback.  It helps us know how we come across, it gives us the push we need to make changes and adjustments, and helps us feel validated and appreciated.

One place I worked actually did scheduled performance evaluations.  Even though I was passionate about the job I was doing and I was striving to do my very best, I felt trepidation to know how someone else viewed me.  I was surprised to find out some simple mistakes were viewed pretty seriously and then how things I didn’t put much value in were given some outstanding remarks.   Another year passed and it was time for my review, but this time someone else was filling out the evaluation.  Although I was doing the same job with the same attempt at my personal best, the evaluation was quite different.  In every category I was given at least one if not two marks higher on my performance.  So which review reflected the truth?

Most of my days are currently spent caring for and spending time with my young children.  There are many popular methods and strategies for raising kids.  Many times I’ve caught myself struggling to decide how to handle something only to pause and realize my decision would probably cause one group of parents to conclude I was being too strict and another to consider me too lenient.  Even as I plan out my menu before I go to the store I can’t help but realize some would feel intimated by the time I put into making things from scratch, while others could be quick to judge me for my use of sweet or processed foods.  What is the “right” way?

There are times that I feel discourage and like I have missed the mark I was hoping to achieve.  Times when my perfectionism berates me for the ways I messed up or failed to keep up.  There have also been times other people patted me on the back and told me what a good job I was doing, only for me to look back in time and cringe at the reality.  How do you make sense of it all?  How do you see yourself in the rankings and decide what your true value is?

You ask God how you are doing.

No one else created you.  No one else knows you capabilities and skills, you probably don’t even know the full extent of them yourself.  Maybe you do know your worth, maybe you’ve even honed your abilities, but what are you using them to accomplish?

When God sent His son Jesus to walk on the earth, Jesus has a distinct evaluation of the people around him.  He called insignificant people to do world changing work.  He accepted people with battered pasts and gave them significant futures.  He also boldly told some esteemed people they would be facing a dire future.  God doesn’t evaluate us they way we evaluate each other, so whose review should we be acting on? 

So maybe the solution to all those thoughts that sift through my brain each night as I review the day is much simpler than I remember.  I simply need to ask God for His thoughts on how I’m doing with what He has given me and listen to His answer.  It just might be the best review yet.


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  1. Debbie Lutz
    Apr 5, 2017

    Good reminder….Who’s opinion matters? Only my Creator’s!

  2. Sonia
    Apr 5, 2017

    This is spot on what God has already been speaking to me about this week! So encouraging to know I’m on track. Thanks for sharing.

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