Hearing God’s Voice – Part 4

Hearing God’s Voice – Part 4

Are you sure, God?

We want to hear God’s voice.  We want to know what His plans are for our life, what He wants us to do….that is until He tells us 🙂

One of the things I love is a good surprise and I think God made that a part of me so I can appreciate it in Him.  You don’t have to read far in the Bible to see what I’m talking about.  Many times God has told someone what He wanted them to do and their response is something like, “What?  Are you sure?”

God gave Noah instructions to build an ark to save the animals God would send Him and Noah’s family.  Okay, that doesn’t seem that unreasonable you might say.  But, at that point in history people had never seen it rain. Enough rain to float a massive boat would definite be a stretch of the imagination.

God told Abraham to leave his country, his family, and everything He had ever known in His life.  Where did God want Him to go? “To the place that I will show you”(Genesis 12)  Does that sound a little vague to you, too?  Personally, I would like to request a full postal address along with Mapquest directions and a nice time schedule so I would know how long it would take.  Anyone with me? 🙂

Yet, as we seek to know who God is and what He wants us to do to be a part of His grand plan, He isn’t always specific.  Or maybe He is very specific but it doesn’t seem to make sense.  Did you know God told Abraham he was going to have a son, but at that point His wife had been barren and was long past the age of having children?

Are you sure, God?

Or later on, after that promised child was born, God told him to sacrifice the very child Abraham had waited so long for.

Are you sure, God?

How do we make sense of the direction God gives us?  As a wise friend once put it: Sometimes God does exactly what He says and sometimes He just wants our obedience.  God did give Abraham the child He promised, through his barren wife, but after telling Abraham to sacrifice that son, God stops him before Abraham completes the task.

This is what I’ve learned from stories God gives us through the Bible and my own experience attempting to live it out.

1. God can do the seemingly impossible…expect Him to.

God made the earth.  He created us, functioning humans out of dust on the ground.  God sees all, He knows all.  God was present in the past and He knows the future.  God gives us the chance and ability to make our own choices, but He also knows exactly what we need to hear to change our hearts.  So, if God tells you something you have a hard time believing will happen, remember who is behind those words.

2. Rely on the person behind the words, not the outcome.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, God wants our hearts.  God created us to be in a relationship with Him and nothing in this world will truly satisfy us the way a closeness with God will.  So, no matter what happens, God wants us to trust Him: He is who He says He is, He will be with us in the outcome, and He can bring good from anything.

3. Write it down.

I think my favorite response to God was Mary’s.  While a young unmarred virgin, God sent an angel to tell her she was going to have a very important baby, the very son of God who was going to save mankind.  Mary response leaves me in awe – May it be as you have said.  It would be many months before it was clear that God had indeed carried out His plan, but the Bible says that Mary “pondered these things in her heart”.  If God tells you something, but it doesn’t require any action on your part, record it.  Write it down, tell someone you trust or even send yourself an email!  Sometimes it isn’t until later that we understand the full message God was trying to give us, but your faith will be strengthened when you realize you did indeed hear from God.


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