Hearing God’s Voice – Part 3

Hearing God’s Voice – Part 3

Can you hear me now?

The popular cell phone commercial doesn’t air too often anymore, but in it the above phrase was repeated again and again as someone tried out their cell phone service to make sure they still were connected to their phone call.  I think there is a similar feeling with our communication with God.  Do you ever wonder if your connection to God has been lost, because all you hear is silence?

If you’ve been following along with this series, Part 1 & Part 2, will get your conversation with God started, but maybe you’re still waiting for a response.  You know, like when you’re busy telling someone a story and get half way through and pause to see if they’re still listen.  Either the person catches the pause and reiterates something you’ve said, or you get that blank stare or a mumbled, “Uh, huh” because they obviously haven’t be listening.

Making space to listen

Prayer, which is simply talking with God, is a conversation and any conversation is one sided without a response.  When we initiate a conversation with God, sometimes it is just to share something with Him and we don’t really need a response.  Sometimes, we are venting to God and trying to sort out a situation or our feelings or what our next action should be.  While there is certainly a comfort in knowing God hears us, we really need an answer.

Like any good conversationalist, we have to pause in our conversation and leave space for God’s response.  While this seems simple in theory, how often when we are praying do we really stop talking and wait for a few minutes and just listen?  Sometimes God response is peace, even when we don’t have an answer yet.   Maybe, it is the chance to sort things out so we have clarity to see the situation from His perspective.  My favorite though, is when He has a specific response just for us.

God says that He doesn’t look at people simply by their appearance, but He looks at their heart. (1 Samuel 16:7).  He tells us that He numbers the hairs on our head (Luke 12:7).  And if you’ve ever tried to count them, that is a lot of numbering!  God not only created us, but He certainly understands us.  So, if anyone can tell us what we need to hear, the way we need to hear it — it’s God!

Ready to listen

Now, that you are ready to listen to God’s response it will be much easier to hear it.  God wants to be close to us.  He wants us to understand what His plans are and how He feels about us.   God cares about the condition of our heart and many times it is with my heart I hear His voice.  It is the peace He gives me, knowing I can trust His plan and what I feel Him guiding me to do.  It is the words that come to mind that give me a solution I couldn’t come up with previously.  And sometimes when I feel discouraged, it is the warm voice that says in my mind, “I love you and nothing you do could even make me love you more or less”.

The more you talk to God and listen for His response the more you will recognize God’s voice.  It is true with the people we know and spend time with, we are quick to recognize their voice when they call.  It is certainly true with God.


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  1. Debbie Lutz
    Mar 15, 2017

    Such a good reminder, especially that there is nothing we can do to make God love us any more or any less.

    • Bonnie
      Mar 16, 2017


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