Hearing God’s Voice – Part 2

Hearing God’s Voice – Part 2

Answer or Ignore

Some calls we wait for.  Some calls we ignore.  Some we don’t even realize we missed until hours later.   God isn’t a phone call, but we have the same choice in how we respond.  Will we answer or ignore?

For years I have studied classical ballet.  That means I have spent hours upon hours in a dance studio, taking ballet classes.  Each class follows the same general format.  There is a series of exercises that the teacher will “set” or explain the combination of and then the students do the exercise.  Since this is a learning experience there are always corrections that are given out.  Some are general corrections, meant for the whole class to clarify a step or timing.  But the best teachers also go around the room and give individual corrections.  “Corrections” to some may sound harsh, but when given correctly, they are actually a coveted gift.  As a student, they help you understand what needs to change to attain a better result.

After studying for years, I also began to teach ballet.  One of the things I realized very quickly was to be clear on who I was addressing when I gave a correction.   If I noted an arm was being held too low, and I said, “Lift your arm higher”, everyone around the room raised their arm.  Since only one person needed to make an adjustment, my comment then caused me to correct everyone else’s arms to the proper height.  I learned to use names, eye contact, and even hand gestures as I walked around the room to clarify who I was talking to.  God also finds ways to communicate His individual direction to each one of us.  God certainly makes His general principals and plans known to us through the Bible, but it has been my experience that He uses quiet thoughts, inexplicable “feelings”, and persistent ideas to help direct us through life.

I really wanted to know what God wanted ME to do in life.  I’ve learned most of the world labels it “perfectionism”, but I want the best.  No, let me clarify… I want God’s best in my life.  For me, that meant I wanted to know what He wanted me to do with my life, who He wanted me to one day marry, even how many children would fill my home.   I developed a habit of reading the Bible, but I couldn’t find any verses that stated ” Bonnie, you are to do ____ with your life.”  So, I earnestly began to ask God to help me hear His voice.  I heard other people talk about it, I just had a hard time hearing it myself.

I didn’t get all the answers immediately, but I did start to hear a quiet voice.  I would get a quiet thought in my mind, that I hadn’t thought of before.  Or an idea to do a good thing that stretched me out of my comfort zone would pop into my mind.  It will probably start with something small, but it is how we respond that is import.  When we answer God’s call, and do what He is leading us to, it turns our phone volume up.  So the next time God wants to direct us, it will be easier to hear Him.  However, if busyness, fear or even indifference make us hit ignore, we are turning the ringer down and the next time God wants to speak to us, it will be that much harder for us to hear His voice.  What will you choose to do?



  1. Debbie Lutz
    Mar 8, 2017

    We just were talking about this in my ladies group last night! Well put and clear!

    • Bonnie
      Mar 8, 2017

      Glad to know it was timely!

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