For the person who feels alone

For the person who feels alone

I recently had the choice to watch the movie “The Martian”.  Within the first few minutes you find out one lone astronaut has been left behind on Mars, thought for dead, while the rest of the flight crew makes an emergency takeoff to start their 9 month journey back to Earth.  Talk about being alone!  

By himself with only a few months worth of food this lone man fights to survive and find a way back home.   What entails is an moving story about all that is done to attempt a rescue when it seems impossible.   The distance is enormous, the cost is prohibitive, but it is attempted anyway.  Key people use their influence to convince everyone else that saving a single living being is worth it — no matter the cost.  Even people who want to help or rescue this “Martian” as the astronaut is named, are hesitant to try since the chance of success is practically nonexistent.

I watched as experts worked around the clock for months trying to create solutions to a ever growing list of problems.  Seeing the fellow astronauts choose to forgo seeing their loved ones after a long separation, pulled at my heart.  This is just a work of fiction, characters brought to life by gifted actors and brilliant writers, so why did it cause such a fierce passion inside of me?

Because it reminds you that people matter.  Even if it is “just” one person.  Even if it costs you something to “rescue” someone else.  Even if it takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort and even money.  What I witnessed was hundreds of people coming together and doing any and everything they possible could to rescue this one man.

Has there ever been a time when you felt alone?  The moment when you step into a room and everyone has someone to talk to, except you?  When all the people around you are at the next stage of life, except you?  When there is a part of yourself you keep hidden and no one really knows the “real” you?

Who among us might wish for even just one person to care that much about us, to fight against all odds for us.  There is something in each one of us that wants to feel like we are worth being fought for.

By the climax of the movie I was there, wishing and hoping that this rescue will be a success.  I wanted them to reach this man and bring him home.  When they finally do, everything within me exploded in relief.  I can still picture the look of gratitude and sheer relief when the lone man is reunited with his team.  No longer does he have to do it on his own.

In those final moments of celebration I couldn’t help but think of another rescue attempt that is going on all around us.  You might think now is the time that I tell you how important it is to help people around you… it is.    Or maybe that it’s worth your time and energy… will be.  But what I would really like for you to realize is that this one person….. it’s a picture of you.

SO much was done for one person. So much sacrifice and time.  So much effort and money.  So much care shown for one single person….because God says that we are worth that and much more to Him.

Put yourself as the center of that story as the “Martian” and you will have a glimpse of how much God is willing to do to rescue us.  So much for JUST ONE person?  Even more was done to give you a chance to be rescued… because you are ONE of the MANY that matter to God.

If you are already know and accept this truth, let this reminder spur you on as it does me.  Because the best experiences we have in life, we share with the people around us.


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  1. Betty Predmore
    Feb 13, 2017

    Beautifully written. I think we have all experienced that ,on lines or feelings of worthlessness at one time or another. Now wonderful to know that our God places such a high value on each of us!

  2. Diana
    Feb 13, 2017

    “YOu are one of the many that matters to God ” absolutely love this..we can never feel lonely with God.


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