Feeling puzzled?

Feeling puzzled?


My son loves puzzles. It is so fun to watch him twist and turn each piece, picking up numerous ones until he finds just the one he is looking for. Some are so easy to put together, their bright colors and vivid patterns make the matching easy. Some are a little more difficult. It’s those hazy pieces on the sidelines with a blur of color that put up more of a challenge.

It is much harder to put the pieces together when we don’t know what picture they are suppose to make. 

It’s true with puzzles and it is true with life.  Sometimes our live are like puzzles and the pieces are easy to put together.  Sometimes not so much.  Maybe it was the perfect looking relationship piece, but it just hasn’t gone anywhere.  Maybe it was the perfect job match, but now it is gone.  Maybe you are looking for your special “thing” in life and there doesn’t seem to be a piece that fits.  Whenever we are having trouble putting the pieces together God is there to help us figure it out.

There are things I tell my son to help him put the puzzle together and it struck me today how similar it is to how God guides us.

“Start with the face”  In his puzzles it is easier to start with the focus of the picture, which is usually in the center in bright detail.  In our lives it is easier to put the pieces together if we start with God’s priorities.  Loving God with everything we are and loving other people like we love ourselves.

“Not quite” Of course it sounds so much cuter in his little kid voice, but it’s what I tell him when he is working with two pieces that seem like they should match, but don’t.  Instead of wasting his time and getting frustrated trying to make them fit, he now understands it to mean there is something that will fit better and to move on.

“This one has the same color” When I see a piece that is going to fit, I highlight something about it to help him make the connection.  It is so much fun for him to suddenly see the way it connects himself.  So many times when I am trying to understand what God wants me to do, I suddenly see a connection that I was previously aware of.  Or when I am reading the Bible, a phrase will make sense to me in a new way.

“It fits!” Enjoying each match is what makes a puzzle fun.  The frustration eases and the excitement builds as you near the end.  Life lasts a lot longer than a 48 piece puzzle, but when we get excited and celebrate the ways God has shown us the “matches” in our life it gives us patience as we try to find the next piece.

So as you find yourself struggling to match the pieces in your life, listen to God’s quiet, calm voice urging you to the next match.  He knows what the picture of your life is suppose to look like and he knows each piece of the puzzle.  He tells us He even numbers the hairs on our head, so He even cares about those blurry pieces on the sides.  He’ll help you put the pieces together and celebrate each match.


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