Crashing Waves

Crashing Waves

I love the beach!  There is just something about the mix of walking on the soft sand, hearing the crash of the waves and feeling the warm sun that makes me sigh in happiness.  I recently thought back to a beach memory from when I was a teen.  I was on a special beach retreat.  A whole weekend spent in a great big old house just a few blocks from the ocean, with a big group of teens.  We were encouraged at some point in the weekend to get “alone” with God on the beach.  I still recall my youth pastor saying how God never failed to speak to him in those moments.  My moment came the first evening on the beach just after sunset.  I wandered a little further down the beach from my friends and wondered what God might want to show me.

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I watched the little waves crest and break, the water line sneaking up the sand as far as it could before rushing back down to the ocean.  Looking so intently on the waves made them look big and powerful.  It brought back memories of being a little kid and screeching as I turned and ran away, trying to keep the water from reaching me.   Watching the rush and ebb of the water, I noticed how much it moved the sand and erased the footprints along the beach.  That rushing water was constant and unyielding, knocking down and smoothing over anything in it’s path.

But then God drew my attention further out, to see the vastness of the ocean.  Even beyond my vision, it still exists.  It has a depth, that is deeper than I can reach and touch with my hands.  The ocean’s sheer volume is beyond what my mind can quantify.  Suddenly those waves crashing at my feet seemed so insignificant and powerless.

I am a detail person.  I love to look at things closely and see the impact of small changes.  However, if I stare at the “little details” too long, they no longer seem little.  They seem large and menacing.  Large enough to make ME want to move out of THEIR path.  When God draws my attention away from the details and further out I see the larger picture of who He is and what He is doing.  With the waves still crashing at my feet, I can stand secure — UNMOVED, despite the tug of the tide.

I don’t know what has your attention as you read this.  Maybe one of those waves has recently knocked over a sandcastle you were so diligently working on.  So many times the waves seem to creep up on us, running into our lives just when we thought we were safe from their reach.

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Take a moment alone with God (preferable on a beach! *smile*) and let Him give you a clear perspective.  He has a way of speaking to you that can steady your feet like no one else.   You might be surprised how quickly your wave will shrink when you are focused on the vastness of GOD.

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