Choosing to procrastinate

Choosing to procrastinate

Pressure.  Some people love it, but I hate it.  If you want to ruin something I love to do, just put me under a tight deadline and it will suck the pleasure right out of it.  Oh, I will probably still get it done if it’s important enough, but it will be tense and my patience will be stretched thin.  The work that I am doing isn’t really the problem.  It is the environment that makes it difficult.

God has been showing me lately that there are ways I can change my environment so that I can enjoy doing what needs to be done…..and surprise, surprise, it’s much easier to be patient.

It’s about making choices.  Choices are a parent’s best friend.  Need your toddler to get dressed, give them the choice of the red or blue shirt.  Either choice gets your mission accomplished, but letting them choose gives them some control in their life.  After all, doesn’t God give us choices?  Way back in Genesis, after God created Adam and Eve.  He put them in a beautiful garden with lots of fruit trees, all good to eat, except one tree.  Eat from the good trees and live or eat from the bad tree and die, your choice.

The choice that has been on my mind is a little less drastic, but important non the less.  It is the choice of what to procrastinate doing.  Procrastination is usually a negative thing, with many articles about avoiding it.  The reality though is that no person can do every single thing every day.   The choice isn’t if you will procrastinate, but what you will.  As I start my day, as I end it and the moments that start to feel pressured, I am trying to be more deliberate about praying and asking God for wisdom on what to procrastinate and put off.  Procrastination is a good thing when it gives you a little breathing room for what God considers important.


  1. Sian
    Apr 26, 2017

    Yes! In this modern world procrastination is a survival mechanism. We can’t do everything so our choices really matter. Great post.

  2. Belinda
    Apr 25, 2017

    Love this post! Especially the point of giving your kids choices.

    • Bonnie
      Apr 25, 2017

      Thank you for taking the time to comment! I love being able to make my own choice, makes sense our kids do too 🙂

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