Catching Dirt

Catching Dirt

One day I discovered my kitchen had been hosting a cause and effect experiment and I hadn’t even realized it.  It was my fans.  I am well aware of the effect of gravity since I am in a constant battle against the crumbs on my floor, but some time had gone by since I had looked up to see where the dust had gathered.

It was probably during a tense moment when I had turned my gaze upward and silently pleaded for help to remain patient that I first noticed it.  My ceiling fan no longer looked smooth…. it was fuzzy. Yuck!  My mind flashed with a picture of microscopic little bugs that I was probably scattering around the room every time I turned it on and I was thoroughly disgusted.

When I finally remedied the situation I made a startling discovery.  You see, I have two ceiling fans in my kitchen.  One no longer works and is patiently awaiting its turn on the never ending “Home Repair” list and isn’t turned on.  The thing that caught my attention was which fan was dirty.  The one that remains perfectly still was clean!  It was the fan that was diligently doing what it was created to do that had accumulated all the grime. 

Ever feel link that fan?  Like you are trying to following God’s plan for your life and do what he wants, but you keep catching all the dirt in your path?  Are you trying to do the right thing, but seem to get the wrong results?   It can be infuriating!  Tempting even, to throw in the towel or question if you are doing what God wants….Don’t!

Many years ago, when Jesus was on this earth and could talk face to face with his followers, He let them know they would face difficulties and trials(in other words *dirt*).   Catching dirt and difficulties is just part of this life.  The part that is encouraging is that we don’t have to face them alone.   Jesus reminded His followers that they could have courage to face difficulties because He had already “over come” those difficulties.  He had navigated them like hurdles so He wasn’t stopped in His mission.

Remember, it was the moving fan that collected all the dirt and dust.  As you are seeking God’s plan for your life be encourage when you feel slowed down by the “dirt” in life.  God promises He is with us and will help us “over come”.  Sometimes all we need is God’s big hand to wipe the dirt off so we can keep doing what we are made to do 🙂

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